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To all our members,
First, let me say thanks to all of you that were able to attend our local rally at "2nd Amendment Firearms" and at "Shooters" here in Brunswick.  We were part of the national event that made national headlines around the country.

In connection with the first rally we are taking as many as can carpool up to the Capital in Atlanta on Friday, Feb. 8.  If you can come, we are encouraging all in our Tea Party that can participate to be at the Strike Zone "no later than" 5am to leave for Atlanta.  The event starts at 10 am and runs until 3pm.  It is a "concealed carry" event and has the approval from the Capital, so you can bring your guns say the organizers.  There will be several 2nd Amendment rights groups from across Georgia.  It is similar to previous rallies they have held at the Capital.  I will have my musket!  

Bring your signs (contact Larry), and join us for a huge event.  Invite your friends as well!  For more information, go to Facebook and look at:  "2nd Amendment Rally at the Georgia Capital".  I will be one of the scheduled speakers.  
If you would like to go, contact Gerry Edwards at: ghe@cdmi.comcastbiz.net and let him know if you can drive or just ride.  We need to know by Mon. Feb. 4 if you are going.
Our next meeting will be at the "Strike Zone" at 6:30pm on Feb. 11.  We will meet first in our groups, allow others who missed the first meeting the opportunity to sign up for a group, and discuss the target issue they working on.  We will let the lieutenants of those groups have an opportunity to report on their group.  We are still seaking sergeants for each group.  We will close out the meeting with a guest speaker, who will talk about the issue of "Sharia Law," and its dangers to our republic.  
God bless, and "Up the Revolution!" 

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