What is happening?

On Saturday April 12, 2014, on Amelia Island in FL, members of the U.S. House of Representatives give only lip service to their Constitutionally Mandated Responsibilities.  No budget - they dare not impede largess, investigative committees are little more than kabuki photo ops with self-deprecating selfies.

“We the People…” must ferret out the vermin who seek safety in secret enclaves.  “We the People…” must become the oncologist who removes a cancer before it has. metastasized  “We the People…” must be the housekeepers washing the soiled linen, cleaning the toilets of the executive washroom, and the ones who open the blinds, freshen the air so a nation can once again breath.
Speaker of the House, John Boehner, along with Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, and Majority Whip, Kevin McCarthy (the top three House Republicans) think they can just quietly sashay out of DC, come down to Amelia Island, Florida, (our backyard) and hold a conference from April 11 - 13, at $5,000 per RINO attendee at the Ritz Carlton, and we, the Tea Party, will just sit quietly by while they raise money to defeat our candidates nationally, and bad-mouth the Tea Party, which put them in charge of the House in 2010 in the first place.

What we are planning:

We are looking at a combined "Tea Party Assault" at the Ritz Carlton compound on Amelia Island on Sat. April 12 from 10am until 4pm! Carpooling is encouraged for those traveling in along I95. Amelia Island Parkway runs right in front of the compound. Bring your Tea Party flags and gear and snacks! Take 200A to Yulee and then off of I95 and then on to Amelia Island. We will announce our assembly area in a future update.

This is a "loud, vocal," but "peaceful" event, designed to remind those House Republican members of the Republican Mainstreet PAC that we will stand firmly against any efforts they make to defeat Tea Party candidates for the midterms. We are the future, not establishment RINOs! Boehner and McCain need to get rocking chairs and join Harry Reid for checkers!


A "welcoming committee" will be here to greet you RINOS with your favorite flag! Just look at it as the Constitution puts it - "The right to petition our government!" And since you are coming to us, so much the better!


If you, any and all Tea Partiers, can come to help us hold these rascals accountable for their betrayal of our cause, let me know on Facebook or on my email: timepaststudio@bellsouth.net. Include a telephone number if possible. We will be leaving from "The Strike Zone" on I95 (exit 38) Brunswick, GA by carpool on a time and date to be announced on email for those going. Any Tea Partiers in Savannah can ride down with us, and we will meet others from St. Marys and Jacksonville there. We need as many as can come from anywhere! The Establishment GOP needs a wake-up call right now! Bring your signs and Tea Party flags, shirts, etc. Help us spread the word! Help contact your media!